As most of the world started facing a new reality in the past week or so, many of us turned to digital to cope with the situation. Employees work from home using collaboration and teleconferencing software, students go on online learning platforms, and everyone else turn to video streaming and other online services for entertainment as those who can afford to stay home do so.

For the frontliners who are called to duty on the field, digital solutions can still work and could in fact be more effective. For government workers, specifically the local government employees and volunteers tasked to monitor constituents and conduct relief efforts, a digital solution such as a field reporting app can help them carry out their jobs more efficiently, gather more accurate data from the field, and submit reports faster.

Why use a field reporting app?

1. Faster, more accurate data

Instead of pen-and-paper surveys, field workers can just use a mobile app to fill in survey forms and take photos. All reports have location, date and time stamps for accuracy and easier verification and follow up. Getting field data in real time also allows for quicker response especially to urgent issues.

2. Save time and money

Since reports are sent online, field workers no longer need to go back to their respective headquarters just to file the reports. This allows them to spend more time actually doing their jobs and cover a wider area per day. Governments and organizations can also cut down on paper and transportation costs and divert it to relief efforts instead.

3. Health and Safety

Eliminating the need to go back to headquarters just to submit reports helps lessen unnecessary movement of people and physical contact, which is vital to the social distancing strategy

Some ways to use a field reporting app:

Public Health Survey
Relief Distribution
Supplies Inventory/Monitoring
Incident Report

Governments and NGOs can find creative ways to use digital solutions to cope with a crisis. Kustom360 is here to help you in going digital and our field reporting app is free to use for 30 days and can be easily deployed to field workers. You may email us at bizdev@kustom360.com or visit our website at www.kustom360.com

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