Monde Nissin Corporation (MNC) has one of, if not the widest, distribution networks in the country. Housing the Philippines’ Top Consumer Brand for many years – Lucky Me – a strategic solutions partner in Distribution is needed as a key to MNC’s success.

A big and successful of a company MNC is, they still needed a partner in ensuring efficient Distribution operations. “With Kustom360, all the reports we need are (accessible) in the Kustom360 Web Portal. The system is currently being used by MNC Distribution Sales Team, Distributors and Sub-Distributors. MNC Distribution Sales Team and Distributors are using the Web App to check and monitor the performance of the Sub-Distributors in terms of sales, availability and coverage. Our Sub-Distributors are using the Web App to process sales orders from their customers.”, elaborates Sammy Sih, MNC’s Sales Director.

With a complex organization like MNC, Kustom360 makes it less difficult to connect the dots. With timely and accurate reports, they are bound to make more sound decisions via the field data they get from their different departments, channels, and the like. They are also abreast with crucial data such as how products are performing in the covered outlets.

“Kustom360 has helped our Sub-Distributors have a more simplified call process. Prior to Kustom360, all orders are manually computed, and all reports that they need to submit to our Distributors are manually encoded. With Kustom360, all the reports they need are in the Kustom360 Web Portal. They don’t need to stay late at night just to finish the reports. For our Distributors, they now have specific talking points with the Sub-Distributors in terms of their performance.”, Sih further explains.

The timeliness of reports is very useful to MNC. There is no more need for manual encoding and computation of sales orders. The Kustom360 Web App also helps to improve efficiency and performance via their route management plan.

MNC is just one of the many companies who have decided to make the shift towards a more digital, data-driven distribution solution, which is undeniably helpful in improving performance in terms of sales and productivity. Kustom360 can be that solution – one that is affordable (no setup fees, pay per user per month) and has a no-risk offer (30-days free trial, no lock-in period). Start your free trial now at www.kustom360.com!

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