Kustom360 – Your New Field Workforce Management Solution Partner

Do you want to track the attendance, location, and routes of your field personnel? Do you want to know their accomplishments in the field? How about eliminating paper works and reducing field workforce management risks?

Worry no more. Introducing Kustom360, your reliable partner in field workforce management and field reporting. Kustom360 is a cloud-based solution to manage your field workforce and gather field intelligence using mobile devices. Your field workforce fill out report forms via mobile app, while you view the reports on the web app. The process is easy:

  1. Upload database of your users and accounts
  2. Create custom report forms
  3. Install and Deploy mobile app to your field workforce
  4. Log in and view reports on the web app

It also has an Announcements feature where you can send quick memos to  all your users. This can be used to announce new promos, new sales materials, company information, or any other update your users may need.

The Kustom360 mobile app can also be used either online or offline so you won’t ever have to worry about your field workforce not being able to do reports when there is no signal in the area or the battery getting drained while in the field due to being online the entire time.

Security is built into Kustom360 with two-factor authentication so that accounts and data cannot be easily accessed even if users get careless with passwords or allow other people to use their account on their behalf.

Kustom360 has also metadata so all reports and photos have location, date and time stamps. Photo, Signature, and Barcode scanning are added features that are definitely useful to you and your team.

You can do a lot with the app depending on what kind of report you require from your field workforce, whether it be Standards Compliance, Sales Order, Inventory, Audit, Collection and Service reports or any other kind of field report.

You can do all these at a minimal cost! There is not even an astronomical setup fee like many other software demand. The usual 14-day trial too brief for you to evaluate the app? Kustom360 offers 30 days free trial for you and your field workforce to experience the app. Your shift to digitizing your field workforce management and field reporting will be worth it with Kustom360. Try it now!

Visit www.kustom360.com. Mobile app available at Google Play Store.

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