Like many people around the world, we at Kustom360 have been working from home the past month or so. Our primary goal is to keep our team healthy and safe as we continue carrying out our business as best as we can.  We continue to service the needs of our customers in the essential goods and services business. Our development team is also full speed ahead with all our planned product updates and new features. Our sales and marketing team is making some strategy adjustments.

We are able to do all that from the safety of our homes because we have always been digital (and cloud) first. So at this time when many companies and businesses are implementing work from home for the first time or doing it a larger scale, we would like to share our core cloud-based tools that we have been using long before this crisis but have become even more indispensable now.

For team communication: Slack and Microsoft Teams

We live in Slack. All communications, decisions, and file sharing happen here. And chitchat, memes, funny videos and all the food talk, which help with our mental health in this unsettling time.

We are already subscribed to Office365, so it became an obvious decision to transition to the bundled Microsoft Teams when we had to downgrade to the free version of Slack in the meantime. It's very similar to Slack and has seen a lot of improvements since we last used it three years ago. If you are already on Office365, this should be a natural move. It is also more seamless to share and collaborate on documents.

[Update as of April 27, 2020]

Slack gave us credits for up to 6 more months of the Standard plan for our current number of users! With that, we are back to using Slack full time.

For customer support: Zendesk

As a multi-channel platform, it allows us to do customer support anytime, anywhere.  Our knowledge base, support tickets, and customer support emails are in one seamless platform.

For customer emails: Mailchimp

Mailchimp makes it easy to quickly communicate important announcements and other updates to our users.

This uncertain time may take a toll on our productivity, but technology and cloud-based tools can help make working from home less stressful and keep us connected to our colleagues and customers.

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