Easy to Use

Drag-and-drop custom form builder with all the
tools you need to create different report forms

Easy to Deploy

Set up everything on the web app and have your field workforce submit reports on the Android or iOS app

Easy on the Pocket

30 days free trial, no setup fees, simple pricing plans,
pay per user per month, cancel anytime


Easy solution for field employees and managers to be more efficient and productive

We provide tools to make it easier for you to monitor and manage your mobile workforce and know what’s going on in the field. Our field reporting app also makes it simpler for your field people to record visits and submit reports. By taking away some tedious processes,everyone gets to focus on the task at hand.

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Photo, signature, barcode captureAccomplishments and route tracking
Kustom360 has helped our Sub-Distributors have a more simplified call process. Prior to Kustom360, all orders are manually computed, and all reports that they need to submit to our Distributors are manually encoded.
With Kustom360, all the reports they need are in the Kustom360 Web Portal. They don’t need to stay late at night just to finish the reports.
For our Distributors, they now have specific talking points
with the Sub-Distributors in terms of their performance

Sales Director — top Consumer Goods company

Mobile field workforce

Kustom360 works for our clients across industries with different use cases but similar positive results

Consumer Goods

Faster, more organized, and easily accessible data
from the field


Faster processing of loans, higher collections, and greater productivity of credit investigators

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Workforce Management
Itineraries With Notes
Check in and Check out
Route Tracking
With push notifications for Android
Custom Roles
Custom Forms
Drag-and-drop Form Builder
Formula Tool
Android Only
Assign forms per Role
Data Accuracy
Android Only
Location, Date, and Time Stamps
Photo and Signature Capture
Barcode Scanning
Ease of Use
Offline Use
Custom Fields
Export to Excel, CSV, or PDF
Two-factor Authentication
Password Protocol
Data Permissions and Restrictions
Android and iOS
 (soon on iOS)
Accomplishments Summary
USD 1200 annually / USD 100 monthly
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Quick Answers to

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try Kustom360 first?

Yes. We offer a full-featured 30 days free trial. No credit card required.

Are there limits to the free trial?

You can have only up to 10 users for the free trial.

Can I cancel any time?

Yes, you can cancel any time if you are subscribed to the monthly plan, and at the end of the billing cycle for the Annual plan.

How are users counted? Are web app and mobile app users counted separately?

Users are counted per username or email address added to Kustom360. Each user can access both the web and mobile app, depending on the access permissions that you will set.

How will I be billed?

You will be billed in advance via credit card. Cutoff for the number of users to be billed for usage for the following month will be on the 30th of each month. (Example: Billing amount for usage for March 1 to 31 will be based on the number of users by February 28/29. You will receive the invoice on March 1.)

Is there prorating?

Users added within a current billing period will be prorated in the next billing. For the Annual plan, you will be billed the prorated annual amount right after adding a user. However, users deactivated before the cutoff date or before the end of the Annual billing cycle will not be prorated or refunded.

Will my monthly/annual plan be renewed automatically?

Yes, your subscription renews automatically. To cancel your account before the next billing period, you may email support@kustom360.com

Can I avail the add-on any time?

Yes. You can even choose to have it on your free trial and will only be billed for it once you purchase a subscription plan. You can also purchase it even after you have subscribed.

How is the add-on billed?

The add-on price is a fixed amount (not on a per user basis) on top of your monthly or annual subscription fee. It will be billed annually depending on your subscription plan. (i.e. If you are on an annual plan, the add-on will also be billed annually with the same term as your subscription plan).

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